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Weekly Yoga Class Schedule

6:00pm Slow Flow
at On Track Yoga, Mt Holly

2:00pm AcroYoga Jam - Intermediate On Track Yoga, Mt Holly
6:15pm 5Elements Earth Flow On Track Yoga, Mt Holly
7:45pm $5 Slow Flow at 360TaeKwonDo, Belmont

7:30pm Outdoor Meditation Gatherings West CLT, contact me for details + location

5:15pm CLT Offbeat Yoga
The Milestone Club, West CLT (donation only)

{Pricing varies depending on venue}
Click here for On Track Yoga Pricing
360 TaeKwonDo - $5 per class

-Corporate yoga classes available, please contact me for a quote.
-Private instruction is available for small groups or one-on-one sessions. Details + pricing here.

Offbeat Wellness Yoga Group*
Open to anyone wanting to try yoga for the first time or to deepen an already existing practice in an inclusive, non-competitive, authentic environment. Classes are held in or near West Charlotte at indoor and outdoor venues. This is the perfect place for "non-yogis" who would like to benefit from yoga but feel hesitant to attend a regular class for any reason.
Most classes will be donation based depending on the venue.
Please contact me to request access to our class information via our private FB group.

All Levels Flow - Take your practice to the next level with this alignment-based empowering flow (vinyasa) class. This is a practice in moving through poses in a fully integrated way with a sharp focus on breath, intention, and alignment in order to build strength, stamina, and flexibility, and grow your practice. Although all levels are welcome, "advanced" asana (poses) and pranayama (breath work) may be offered as options.  Please honor your body and practice with authenticity!

Slow Flow - This is a strong but slower paced version of a vinyasa flow class, designed to place more focus on breath, body awareness, alignment, and intention. Movements are slower and postures may be held for a longer period of time building strength, stability, flexibility, and deeper awareness. I invite beginners and seasoned practitioners of all shapes, sizes and age groups to approach this challenging but accessible practice from a place of mindfulness and peace.

5Elements Earth Flow - a dynamic vinyasa flow practice within the Kunga Yoga methodology developed by Kristin Cooper and inspired by the teachings of Ayurveda. 5Elements Earth Flow is a grounding, hip-opening practice, which emphasizes stability and strength through a steady and strong flowing sequence. Strength is cultivated through a series of slow salutations (namaskars) and standing and supine hip-opening postures. 5Elements Earth Flow is for all levels of students that wish to move through a slow, deep vinyasa practice; completing with a restorative savasana and longer period of meditation. Practiced in a warm room (80-85 degrees).

Aerial Yoga - Aerial Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga poses done on the floor and postures practiced using a soft fabric “trapeze”, or “sling”, suspended at waist height. In aerial yoga our body weight is distributed between the fabric and the floor, allowing us to access traditional yoga postures in new ways. Some benefits of aerial yoga are increased strength, easier alignment and decompression of the joints, especially the spine, with the help of gravity. Also, it's really FUN! It's not all about tricks and going upside down - it can be about feeling more supported and more integrated in your body. Aerial Yoga was designed for anyone of any age or fitness level. Complete beginners to yoga and/or aerial will be right at home, with everyone working at their own level. If 

you have any physical limitations or concerns, feel free to ask questions and consult with your doctor first!
Aerial Yoga can be taught as a beginner class, a vigorous flow, deep stretch, restorative, partner class, kids class, and more! 
Private instruction is now available!

Acro Yoga - an integration of yoga, acrobatics, and healing arts. Sometimes it looks like partner yoga, sometimes a therapeutic restorative practice for both partners including Thai yoga massage. At other times it is a very acrobatic flow. It is a super fun way to learn to connect with each other through communication and trust, while building strength, flexibility, and courage. Acro Jam (Intermediate)- students must complete the AcroYoga Basics series (or have equivalent experience) and must be approved by the instructors prior to participation. If you have questions about the requirements to attend these jams please contact us here or ask Rachael or Neal Harper. In-studio Acro Jams are donation based.
Private instruction is now available!